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Up Next - Ben Rourke: Tahiti 12'' on Stuga Musik - click here for a sneak preview or back in stock alert.

Out Now... OCH: Hate Internet (Autoreply 11)

Autoreply Music marks the coming of the summer season with a very tidy little 10" from OCH. This man recently recorded for Baby Ford's PAL SL imprint, gaining support from a diverse range of DJing luminaries including ZIP, Sammy Dee and Efdemin. Now the mysterious producer steps up with a big room floor rocker that has been described as Ian Pooley's "Chord Memory" meets Christian Vogel. Thunderous drums, hypnotizing chords and a cheeky sample that the old house heads will be sure to recognise make this one for the peak time.

Claro Intelecto's Warehouse Sessions on Modern Love is regarded by many as one of the most definitive collections of contemporary techno to hit the shelves in recent years. Fresh back from remixing Depeche Mode he takes time out of his busy schedule for remix duties. Taking his cues from the warehouse classics that accompanied him through years in Manchester's revered clubs like the Hacienda, Home and Paradise Factory, he serves up a powerful, stripped down reworking of the original track that is equally suited to sweaty dance floors. Fasten your seatbelts.

Listen Link A - Hate Internet

Listen Link B - Hate Internet (Claro Intelecto remix)

Appears on the forthcoming: Cocoon Green & Blue Compilation mixed by Raresh and Sascha Dive .

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Out Now... Beaner: Miles Then McCoy (Stuga 03)

Autoreply offshoot Stuga Musik picks up where it left off with another three tracks of deadly effective, club-friendly madness. Having held a residency at Berlin's legendary Bar 25 club and recording for high calibre labels such as District of Corruption, Thema and Little Helpers, the arrival of Beaner to the Stuga family is something to be celebrated. He serves up Miles Then McCoy, a nine minute epic that effortlessly fuses tight linear drum programming with freeform sound design and loose instrumentals that thunder along towards an exciting climax.

Patrik Skoog aka Agaric is undoubtedly one of Sweden's best loved techno exports - he's responsible for the world famous 'We Are' series not to mention the fact that his 'Who Made Up The Rules' on Ovum is currently holding Groove Magazine's esteemed #1 album chart slot. Here he re-works Beaner's track into a peak time, sub-driven sweaty dancefloor bomb. Taradise completes the package with smooth deep house vibes, lush vocals and infectious piano riffs. A diverse and solid release.

Listen Link A - Miles Then McCoy

Listen Link B - Miles Then McCoy (Agaric remix)

Listen Link Digi Bonus

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Back In Stock...Baby Ford: Tin Of Worms

The 3rd and final repress of Baby Ford's much loved Tin of Worms 12' is now available. Check out our 'Physical' menu for more info and keep an ear to the ground for more appearances from BF on Auto!

Auto 10 is here! Out Now... Dan Curtin: The Fugitive (Autoreply 10)

For our 10th release they welcome one of the scene's true heroes back to the fold, Dan Curtin. His Lifeblood album on Mobilee was undoubtedly one of the highlights of 2010, and marks the start of a new year with two very special tracks. "The Fugitive" is a peak time party bomb featuring deeply effective synth stabs over a powerful techno backdrop finished with a soulful sprinkling of female vocals. "Fly By Night" is an impressive mix of old and new, utilizing soaring 303's, reverb soaked piano chords and a rib shaking sub bass. Stripped back techno at its finest.

Listen Link A - The Fugitive

Listen Link B - Fly By Night

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Out Now... Ed Davenport: Centrality (Autoreply 09)

UK born Ed Davenport has always had a penchant for the strongly musical side of the 4/4 genre. Inspired by pioneering British acts, but also by the deeply rooted electronic scenes of mainland Europe and the States, Ed set off on an honest and dedicated journey into electronic music. Experimenting with basic recording in his teens slowly led to a deeper knowledge of production, and after a time his first record was released in 2006, while only 20 years young. Since then further releases have followed on Autoreply, Liebe*Detail, Leftroom, Poker Flat, & NRK plus remixes for Soma, Trapez LTD & Cocoon as well as an appearance on Len Faki's Berghein 3 mixed CD on Ostgut Ton. Ed's performances in his new home town of Berlin have taken him from extended sessions at Watergate to special summer sessions at Bar 25, to playing live at Panorama Bar and into Europe and Japan. Following on from his 2009 Studio 395 EP that heralded the support of Zip, Oliver Deutschmann, Baby Ford, Rolando and Ben Sims, Ed returns with another equally satisfying 2 tracker.

Ed describes his work on Autoreply as 'more musical free recording sessions, allowing me to work outside the box incorporating my love for classic, emotional house/techno and Detroit influences'.

Listen Link A - Centrality is strong, peak time techno that features raw 909 percussion paired with an over infectious synth riff & haunting house vocals finishing on a Transmat style synth solo - the kind of track that stays in your head for hours if not days after you've left the nightclub.

Listen Link AA - Spirits is cut from the same mould as it's A-side counterpart yet operating at a slower, deeper relaxed pace. Spirits incorporates the same distinguished groove of Centrality but opens the possibilities up tenfold inviting plays on both house & techno dancefloors equally suited to night & day!

Out Now... Apoena: Falando Serio (Stuga 02)
Following on from Och's epic Stops Out release for the already much talked about Autoreply offshoot Stuga Musik - We return with another offering which couldn't be more relevant in the current electronic music climate.

Our 2nd 12'' comes from a man who for this project will be known as Apoena, hailing from Porto Alegre, capital of the Rio Grande Do Sul state in extreme south of Brazil.

Listen Link A - Nuvem is a deeply emotive piece of contemporary techno that references the early pioneers of the Detroit scene fusing warm analogue synth patches with modern drum programming & deep dreamy pads. The artist cites Carl Craig & Rolando as two of his key influences which maybe you can just hear in this slice of deeply individual machine funk.

Listen Link AA - Falando Serio the title track of this record has a slightly slower classic US house pace than it's A side counterpart. Equally designed to turn heads this timeless track displays immeasurable depth combined with one of the most distinct major to minor bassline sequences you'll hear over the summer season, already causing damage at the world's finest hotspots.

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Out Now... FOG: Playin Low EP (incl. JUG remix) - Autoreply 08

Autoreply returns with yet another trailblazer, here we introduce Athens based DJ & producer Fog. His crisp, tight productions have been finding their way into the boxes of Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Motorcitysoul & Markus Fix to name but a few. With his DJ sets also becoming more in demand we suggest you keep a keen eye on this exciting artist.

Listen Link A - Playin' Low (JUG remix)
Hailed by us as Australia's #1 ambassador for techno we welcome JUG back to the Autoreply stable for remix duties. Last year his Difficult Word EP was a firm favourite in Fog's box hence him being first choice of remix artist. His version is a serious techno workout that stands out in any DJ set.

Listen Link AA - Playin' Low
what we've got here is a bit of techno & a bit of house shaken up with a light sprinkling of disco. With it's linear drums & percussion and a deeply infectious bassline Playin' Low firmly looks into the future but the sound design & subject matter reference the past - Just how contemporary house music should be.

Out Now - Och: Stops Out (Stuga 01)

The wait is finally over & Stuga 01 is in shops now. This record has been met with critical acclaim by the media & has been fully road tested by the likes of Ame, Baby Ford, Gerd Janson & Willie Graff plus many more.

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Out Now - Confetti Bomb MDMemily EP

The MDMemily EP from Confetti Bomb is now available on 12" It's received a good amount of media attention & has been blasted through the speakers by some of the most influential DJ's of our time...now it's your turn to own a copy.

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Listen Link MDMemily
Listen Link Fladdermus
Listen Link Panic In Room 2

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